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What Medical Expenses Can I Deduct?

You can deduct qualified medical expenses for yourself, your spouse and any dependents (including those who you cannot actually claim as dependents because of income limitations ONLY).

Qualified medical expenses include:

  • Medical services fees, from doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses, specialists or other medical practitioners.
  • Prescription medicines and insulin
  • Qualified medical insurance (see separate Report)
  • Hospital services fees
  • Special items meant to supplement healthy bodily functions, such as eyeglasses, contacts, hearing aids, dentures, artificial limbs, crutches, wheelchairs, etc. In addition, you can deduct supplies to maintain those items (such as contact care solutions, hearing aid batteries, etc.)
  • Medical care at a retirement home.
  • Care at a qualified psychiatric medical center.
  • In home medical aides and visiting nurses, including wages and payroll taxes.
  • Transportation (actual cost or 9 cents a mile) and lodging necessary in order to receive proper medical care.

Specifically NOT DEDUCTIBLE are these expenses:

  • Expenses for maintaining general health (even if on doctor's advice), such as vitamins, health club dues, social activities, stop-smoking clinics, weight loss programs or travel. Diaper service.
  • Funeral, burial or cremation services.
  • Expenses for medical care of family pets, EXCEPT seeing-eye or other qualified guide animals.
  • Over-the-counter medications, toothpaste, toiletries.
  • Nursing care for a healthy baby, or household help that does not provide medical care.
  • Cosmetic surgery

For expenses not in either category above, check IRS Publication 502.



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