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Are We Accepting New Clients ?

Yes we are. While we have been in business over 30 years we have transitioned to the second generation and plan on expanding our clients for the next few decades, makes us feel a little old but we have the experience and energy for another 20 years. Referrals are the foundation of our business. We rely on our satisfied clients as the primary source of new clients. We have clients in most states and many countries but not all continents, no one from Antartica yet. Confidentiality ? Yes we treat your information with absolute confidentiality. Since your referrals are typically people you are acquainted with, you may be concerned that your personal or financial information will be discussed with them. We guarantee the confidentiality of all client information. We will never disclose your personal, financial, or business information with anyone without your express written permission. Also as licensed Enrolled Agents you have confidentiality privilege in many situations such as audits and collection matters. Rewards ?  Appreciation ? First of all, you have our gratitude, we truely value the confidence you have in us by referring family and friends. We also show our appreciation by offering some discounts: New Client Referral Discount  $20 New Client Discount $20 Military Discount - variable o $20 Veteran o 25% discount Active Duty o 50% discount Combat Zone o Greater Discounts available to USMC - we support family. o Family Discount extended family $20 Dependent Disount - variable o Income under $6,350 flat fee $10 to $20 o Income over $6,350 or multiple states 50% to 75% discount Location ? We accept clients regardless of location, we work with clients via mail, email, secure electronic transmission, phone and for ITIN certification we can conduct the interview via Skype. Languages ? English is our primay spoken language but we have capacity in other spoken languages. We are familar with many other contries tax systems/returns and are able to work with tax documents, tax returns and financial documents from many countries. Some returns we are familar with include: Canada, China, England, France, Luxumburg, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Austrialia, New Zeland, Poland, Romania, Spain, India, Pakistan. Why are we contacted ? Clients frequently contact us for assistance in dealing with tax issues such as the following: Pension or IRA distributions. Significant change in income or deductions. Job change. Marriage. Start-up or sale of business Purchase or sale of a home or other real estate. Retirement. Divorce or separation. Self-employment or contract work. Large charitable contributions. Children in college. Tax Law Changes Foreign Bank Accounts and Investments IRS, State, Local tax notices.