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What The Tax Rates For 2000?

Note: The graduated rates below are based on TAXABLE INCOME, which is your adjusted gross income reduced by your allowable deductions (either itemized deductions or the standard deduction) and your allowable deduction for personal exemptions.

Rather than do the math required for the calculation of the tax from these schedules, you may find it easier to use the Tax Tables or Schedules contained in the instructions for the form you are filing.

Standard Deduction (add 3 rd column if over age 65 or blind EACH)
Married Filing Jointly and Qualifying Widow(er) $7,350 $850
Single $4,400 $1,100
Head of Household $6,450 $1,100
Married Filing Separately $3,675 $850

Personal exemptions for 2000 are $2,800.

Note that both itemized deductions and personal exemptions are subject to phase-outs for certain high income taxpayers. Check Form 1040 instructions.

Married Filing Jointly and Qualifying Widow(er) $0 to $43,850 15%
  $43,851 to $105,950 28%
  $105,951 to $161,450 31%
  $161,451 to $288,350 36%
  $288,351 & Over 39.6%
Single $0 to $26,250 15%
  $26,251 to $63,550 28%
  $63,551 to $132,600 31%
  $132,601 to $288,350 36%
  $288,351 & Over 39.6%
Head of Household $0 to $35,150 15%
  $35,151 to $90,800 28%
  $90,801 to $147,050 31%
  $147,051 to $288,350 36%
  $288,351 & Over 39.6%
Married Filing Separately $0 to $21,925 15%
  $21,926 to $52,975 28%
  $52,976 to $80,725 31%
  $80,726 to $144,175 36%
  $144,176 & Over 39.6%




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