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 401k Retirement Planner

Here are the basic limitations:

  1. You cannot contribute more than 15% of your Gross Income or $11,000.00 (Pesky Government Limitation).
  2. Your Employer cannot contribute more than YOU DO!
  3. All computations (Plan Interest, Cost of Inflation, Salary Increases, etc..) are done on a yearly basis.
  4. The application will only perform computations up to the age of 90.
  5. SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME IS NOT INCLUDED. Since the Social Security Fund is currently broke or near broke, we can't count on it being around when you retire. Look at it this way, if Social Security is around, it'll be gravy money!

Please enter the following data:

Current Age Current Salary Annual Return on 401K Plan %
Retirement Age Current 401K Plan Balance Annual Return on Investment During Retirement %
401K Investment % Retirement Income Goal - Adjusted Gross Income
(In Today's Dollars)
Estimated Annual Raise %
Estimated Annual Inflation % Use Annual Raise for Adjusted Gross Income before Retirement
Use Inflation for Adjusted Gross Income Return before Retirement
Company Matching Funds %
Maximum Company Contribution in Dollars
Warning Message Alert

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Retirement Income should be at least 50% of your current Gross Income. Ideally it should be 75% to 80% of your current Gross Income.
  • Aggressive investing up front allows for more conservative investing in your "Golden Years".
  • Contribute as much as you can now! If you put it off till you make more money, you'll just spend more money! This will also lower your taxable income so Uncle Sam won't take as much.

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